Asbestos remediation


Asbestos used to be a commonly used building material. Understandable, because it is strong, non-combustible, wear resistant, insulating and cheap. Asbestos is safe in a bonded form. Health risks can only arise when processing asbestos. Inhalation of loose fibres can be harmful. Asbestos is therefore not suitable for sustainable reuse.

Only certified companies are allowed to remediate asbestos. We have all the in-house knowledge and experience to remove and dispose of asbestos quickly, effectively and safely and we also have the required certificates. We guarantee a thorough, efficient, reliable and safe approach.

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For remediation, we use Micro Containments developed in-house. These are innovative lockable spaces containing specialist equipment and are the ideal solution for use in small spaces or other challenging places. Our experts can then perform their work safely and accurately using negative pressure.


The approach to asbestos also requires good and transparent communication to those involved, such as residents or users of buildings. We also offer a helping hand in this through communication tools and information meetings about our activities. With Oranje, you do not stand alone!

Asbest saneren


View some of our projects in which asbestos has been safely removed and remediated here.

"Our goal is a sustainable future, where reuse is the new use''

Freek Oranje