Soil remediation


The soil is contaminated at many locations in the Netherlands. This is almost always caused by human use. For example, in old cities, you can find severe contamination with heavy metals such as lead and zinc. But soil contamination can also be caused by oil spillage when filling an underground tank. In all cases, Oranje can offer a suitable solution.

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For soil remediation, Oranje has the required BRL 7000 certificate recognised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. In addition to certificates, Oranje has the right machines in-house, tested and equipped with overpressure installations. Our specially trained employees supervise the remediation and guarantee the quality.


At Oranje we offer various methods and techniques for soil remediation. The approach chosen depends, among other things, on the location, nature and extent of the contamination. Sometimes the soil remediation work starts even during the demolition. Oranje takes care of everything during the entire process, from carrying out soil investigations and applying for environmental guidance for targeted and efficient soil remediation.

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